Passion for fashion

Sunday, 25 May 2014: One Year and Fifty Three Days Old.

Ayla’s developing a passion for fashion and I think the only thing stopping her from walking at home was a pair of sparkly shoes!!

This afternoon Ayla came crawling out of her room a hundred miles an hour dragging a t-shirt that she brought straight to me, handing it over expectedly.

I asked Ayla if she wanted me to help her put the shirt on to which she replied with a shriek and a smile.

I pulled the shirt over her head and buttoned it up at the shoulder; Ayla then stood back and grabbed at it , looking down as if to check that it looked alright!!

Then later this evening Ayla was playing quietly in her room, almost too quietly, so I stuck my head in to check on her.

I saw Ayla sitting on the floor surrounded by shoes, her shoe draw open, and she was trying to put a little pink sandal on her foot.

Ayla caught a glimpse of me and immediately held out the shoe so I could help her with it.

With one shoe on we went looking for the matching other, then when they were both on Ayla held my hands and charged out to the lounge room to show her Daddy.

After a brief parade she took me back into her room and selected a new pair of shoes, which again I helped her put on and she again showed them off to her Dad.

The third pair of shoes were sequinned, sparkly black slippers and Ayla seemed to like them the most.

She was almost running down the hall to show her Dad and when she finally got to him Ayla started stomping her feet, almost as if she was tap dancing with excitement.

Then I let her go.

Ayla walked the whole way down the hall by herself, and then back again.

Then she walked around the lounge to her toys.

It was as if all the encouragement Ayla needed to walk at home was a pair of pretty shoes, which of course is completely understandable… It’s amazing what a gorgeous pair of shoes can achieve 😉


First steps!


Saturday, 17 May 2014: One Year and Forty Seven Days Old.

Ayla took her first, proper, unassisted steps today!!

Apparently Ayla did take a few steps a day care this week, but Hubby and I decided that it didn’t count unless we saw it for ourselves.

And today, we did!

It’s Saturday so Hubby was working and Ayla and I were busy pottering around the house catching up on a few chores.

Around lunch time Ayla and I decided to take a break, and I put a friends single mattress on the floor so I could stretch out my back and play with Ayla at the same time.

It didn’t take long for Ayla to realise the cushioning properties of the mattress and with minutes she was standing on it and clapping her hands.

I moved down to one end of the mattress and Ayla worked out why straight away; coming at me down the blue foamy runway with four tentative, wobbly, chubby-baby-leg steps!

I squealed with excitement and gave Ayla the biggest hug, which set her off on a pattern of stand-step-step-step-step-fall for the next half an hour.

All I could think of though was how much I wished Hubby was there to share in the moment, and I felt so sad for him missing out.

Thankfully Ayla was so happy to show off her skills that she let me take a quick video (will post it in a sec) so that Daddy could see our little TODDLER in action.

Ayla still isn’t walking around properly yet mind you, but it must only be days away! For now though Ayla seems content to limit her walking to padded surfaces which gives Hubby and I plenty of time to get ready for a whole new chapter.




Thursday, 8 May 2014; One Year and Thirty Seven Days Old.

Ayla loves her little trike that she got for her birthday.

Now that Ayla is a little but older, a little bit more mobile and a lot more communicative, it’s becoming far easier to tell what she likes and doesn’t like.

And Ayla likes her trike. She also like animals and being outdoors, and of course Ayla loves adventuring so it was no surprise this afternoon when Ayla “asked” to go for a trike ride.

Ayla made her wishes known by pointing at the trike, crawling over to it and bashing on the seat, then crying angrily when I walked away to get my shoes.

We set off in the hope of meeting Hubby on his way home from work, but instead Ayla and I got stuck in the park and spent ages looking for birds and watching the trees sway in the breeze.

We got home half an hour later to find Hubby’s car in the driveway; Ayla shrieked “dada” at the top of her lungs and started kicking the sides of the trike to make it go faster, but I wasn’t up to running.

So instead Ayla managed to climb her way to standing on the seat with her hands on the handlebars, leaning forward like a daredevil while I pushed her along. Crazy kid.


Speed racer


Tuesday, 14 January 2014: Two Hundred and Eighty Nine Days Old.

Ayla slept for five hours last night, the first time she’s slept that long in months!

I’m putting it down to two things;

1) Ayla’s second tooth is now properly through and the third one is giving us a little time to regroup before making its presence known
2) Ayla spent over an hour running around the house in her walker just before bed time

Ayla’s now so proficient in her walker that it keeps her occupied for ages, and I love nothing more than kicking back on the couch at the end of the day watching my little baby girl walk run around the house.

She’s like a speed racer!

Ayla will make her way into the kitchen and play with her reflection in the oven, then she’ll run over to the front door to talk to The Dog through the fly screen.

When that gets old or The Dog walks off, Ayla will fly by the lounge for a quick mummy kiss, then scoot off down the hall in the hope that our bedroom door might not be shut properly.

Then Ayla will see Cat Cat and really start to focus, spending the next 30 mins chasing the poor cat around the place until Ayla suddenly discovers the bag of recycling rubbish in the kitchen, or something similar.

In all her adventures Ayla has become very adept at steering the walker; she now knows how to reverse to get around obstacles, and Ayla can turn the bulky walker on a dime if need be.

Ayla can also stay on a straight path when traveling long distances at high speeds, which cracks me up the most because she gets her “game face” on and starts running, eyes glued to her target and little feet going so fast it’s as if they’re hardly touching the ground.


So many things


Sunday, 27 October 2013; Two Hundred and Eight Days Old.

There’s so many things I could blog about today!

I could tell you about how Ayla drew her first blood today – a paper cut on her middle finger while we were reading Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. She didn’t cry.

Or, I could tell you about how the baby bath has been our saving grace this weekend, or how this afternoon Ayla came face-to-face with her biggest fish yet. Good job Daddy.

Or, I could tell you about how Ayla went to her first theatre show tonight. It was a cabaret/burlesque/variety type thing and, despite the loud noises and cheers and the after 7 time slot, the only noise Ayla made the whole time was a modest little giggle at her Aunty Kerri.

But, if I was to choose one thing to blog about today it would be how Ayla took her first (assisted) steps today. About eight of them.

Admittedly, I was holding her hands but for the first time ever Ayla put one chubby little foot in front of the other and walked towards me.

I was so proud! I was so shocked! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But I could hardly believe my eyes. I know it’s only a taste of what’s to come but it was amazing all the same.


Standing before she can crawl


Friday, 19 July 2013: One Hundred and Nine Days Old.

Ayla is almost standing but she can’t even sit up yet, let alone crawl!

Whenever she stands Ayla looks at me wide-eyed with surprised excitement on her face… As if she’s trying to squeal “Look Mum! I’m doing this! I’m actually doing this!”

Ayla also lifts her shoulders and sticks her arms out to try and get her balance, but secretly I think she might be trying fly like a superhero.

I googled “babies standing” and apparently it’s not uncommon for three month old babies to try it. But, I can’t quite work out if they do it to copy us, or if its some sort of development reflex.

Either way, its super cute and I like to think Ayla’s something special! 😉

NOTE: By the time we got the camera out for this photo she’d had enough and wanted to sit down (that’s why she looks like she’s in mid collapse)