Speed racer


Tuesday, 14 January 2014: Two Hundred and Eighty Nine Days Old.

Ayla slept for five hours last night, the first time she’s slept that long in months!

I’m putting it down to two things;

1) Ayla’s second tooth is now properly through and the third one is giving us a little time to regroup before making its presence known
2) Ayla spent over an hour running around the house in her walker just before bed time

Ayla’s now so proficient in her walker that it keeps her occupied for ages, and I love nothing more than kicking back on the couch at the end of the day watching my little baby girl walk run around the house.

She’s like a speed racer!

Ayla will make her way into the kitchen and play with her reflection in the oven, then she’ll run over to the front door to talk to The Dog through the fly screen.

When that gets old or The Dog walks off, Ayla will fly by the lounge for a quick mummy kiss, then scoot off down the hall in the hope that our bedroom door might not be shut properly.

Then Ayla will see Cat Cat and really start to focus, spending the next 30 mins chasing the poor cat around the place until Ayla suddenly discovers the bag of recycling rubbish in the kitchen, or something similar.

In all her adventures Ayla has become very adept at steering the walker; she now knows how to reverse to get around obstacles, and Ayla can turn the bulky walker on a dime if need be.

Ayla can also stay on a straight path when traveling long distances at high speeds, which cracks me up the most because she gets her “game face” on and starts running, eyes glued to her target and little feet going so fast it’s as if they’re hardly touching the ground.


It’s all fun and games….


Tuesday, 7 January 2014: Two Hundred and Eighty One Days Old.

I put Ayla in her walker this evening to keep her occupied while Hubby and I had dinner, and after scooting around the kitchen for a bit she toddled off into her room.

Ayla was being a bit too quiet for my liking so I snuck in there and caught her trying to share her banana chip with the cat!!

Oh my goodness, poor Cat Cat is in so much trouble…. After a good sniff she decided she didn’t want the banana chip and promptly left the room.

But Baby Ayla followed, and chased, and rammed poor Cat Cat against the hallway walls until she finally freaked out and ran up her scratch post.

I was surprised how much Ayla got away with actually, but its only fun and games until someone little, and cute, with blonde hair and chubby legs gets scratched!

In other news;

I caught Ayla eating her first “no no” today…. A bit of stick, kind of like a piece of knotted wood, complete with spikes and sharp bits. I’m going to keep it as a memento 😉


Look out Ankles!


Saturday, 4 January 2014: Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Days Old.

We put Ayla back in her new walker this morning and she was off and running.

Within about 60 seconds Ayla had found herself a TV remote, chased down a bag of recycling rubbish and tried to eat cat food (but fortunately the best she could do was run over it).

Ayla also cornered me in the kitchen where my poor ankles paid the price, and she made her way to the back door where she proceeded to ram it in an attempt to escape.

Having the walker is proving to be a good transition for Hubby and I, not just Ayla.

It’s highlighting to us, very quickly, all the things around out house that will need moved up higher if we want them to survive the next few years.

And, its demonstrating the things we’ve been doing that are no longer a good idea eg;
– don’t leave cups and plates on the ottoman/coffee table
– get a pass code for my iPhone ASAP and
– leaving a pile of clean washing in the lounge room is just asking for trouble…. Etc

It’s fun though, and exciting, and strangely I’m no longer feeling as anxious as I was about Ayla becoming mobile.

Instead, I’m looking forward to a new chapter and I can’t wait to interact with my baby girl on a whole new level… Literally.

PS: Ayla got her highest temperature ever this evening, reaching 39.4 degrees. I think its related to either her runny nose, an earache or teething but thankfully baby Panadol brought it down.