Tuesday, 30 July; One Hundred and Nineteen Days Old.

Over the past few weeks Ayla’s briefly tried a salt-free pretzel, a bit of banana and a pizza shape with the seasoning licked off, but today she had some watermelon!

It was so cute; we have a Tommee Tippee food net thing and we used it for the first time today.

She sucked away at the juicy watermelon inside the net for ages, and she wasn’t discreet about it either… Her sucking nearly echoed under the patio!

At one stage, Ayla dropped the net beside her and when I held it up in front if her Ayla reached out and grabbed it with both hands before jamming it back in her mouth.

It was so adorable, watching her taste and lick and suck and enjoy something as simple as watermelon.

I can’t wait to try her on other foods, but at the same time I’m sad she’s growing up so quickly 😦