Australia Day


Sunday, 26 January 2014: Three Hundred Days Old.

It’s was Ayla’s first Australia Day today and what better way to spend it than road tripping to Kakadu.

We made the journey in convoy with some friends and no sooner had we entered the park than we were bombarded with reminders of why they call this the lucky country.

We saw dingos, wallabies, goannas, eagles and snakes, I even saw a eagle with a snake in it’s talons, and the flooded wetlands were breathtakingly raw and spectacular.

At this time of year everything is green and growing. It creates a stunning display of natural beauty that makes me feel privileged just to look, and while Ayla may be still too small to appreciate it Hubby and I feel blessed that our little girl has such wonder and adventure on her doorstep.

We spent the day fishing in road side culverts, and at one point we even reversed the ute into a swollen creek so that the boys could use the tray as a pontoon platform for flicking lures.

In the afternoon we relaxed in the resort pool and escaped the heat, where we played beach balls with other holiday makers and Ayla learned to fall into our arms from the edge.

Later, Ayla loved cruising around our hotel room, pulling herself up on the bedside tables and playing with the bed spreads, and when the time came for her to go to down for a sleep she settled nicely into her made-up bed of blankets under the desk.

To top it off we shared a lovely dinner and drinks with our friends and kicked back on the patio as a massive tropical storm front rolled in. It was the perfect end to a perfect Australia Day.




Friday, 15 November 2013: Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Days Old.

It’s the last day of our holiday today and we spent it at an Australian wildlife sanctuary.

It was so special to see Ayla staring at all the weird and wonderful animals with so much amazement, from koalas and kangaroos, to wallabies, snakes, lizard and emus.

What’s great about this particular sanctuary though is that they let you get up close and personal with the animals, no matter how little you are!

So luckily for Ayla she got to pat a koala and a kangaroo, she had a rainbow lorikeet sit on her head and she even touched a python!

Oh! And I just remembered… While we were having coffee a whole bunch of lorikeets came down to sit on our table share our snack.

Ayla was mesmerised and was reaching out to pat them, ever so gently.

But just as one of the birds went to fly off Ayla closed her little hand around its tail!

The birds was flapping and flying as best it could but the poor thing was going nowhere!

I got Ayla to let go after a second or two and luckily the bird seemed unfussed. It sat quietly beside us for a moment then hopped (smartly) out of reach.

We left the sanctuary with some gorgeous photos and have some great memories to take away (so does the bird!) and it was a fantastic way to end our stay.