Out the window


Sunday 25 August 2013: One Hundred and Forty Six Days Old.

Any scrap of routine Ayla had up until now seems to have gone out the window this past week.

I was expecting it though.

I’ve read and heard lots of stuff about how babies tend to go through a phase where their routine becomes non-existent, and I’m guessing that’s what Baby Ayla’s going through now.

I’ve been finding it hard to summarise the true extent of the routine change up in less than 300 words, so I’ll try explaining using dot points…

Over the past five days Ayla’s had (in no particular order);

  • 1 x day of no nap at all
  • 2 x days of two 30 minute naps
  • 1 x day of three 3 hour naps
  • 1 x day of the two 2 hour naps
  • 2 x days of not being hungry at all
  • 1 x day of feeding every 2 hours
  • 2 x days of feeding every 4 hours
  • 2 x nights of 5 hour sleeps
  • 2 x nights of 10.5 hour sleeps
  • 1 x night of waking at 2am, 3am, 4am, 6am

It’s been interesting, challenging, and a little stressful, but I’d be lying if I said I preferred it any other way.

To be honest, Ayla’s routine wrecking phase has actually come at a good time for me… our reno’s are on hold temporarily, Hubby is at work, and I’m having a TV series catch up week.

But I think the key here is “phase”. I have no problems at all with this being temporary, and I look forward to the end when Ayla has discovered what works best for her.

Then, I guess it’s just a matter of hoping that what works best for Ayla lines up with what works best for me so we can both get our groove back and I can get the washing done.



Tuesday, 25 June 2013: Eighty-Five Days Old.

Up until today, Ayla’s never been a big fan of the bath; to keep her calm we’ve had to wrap her in a super light cotton cloth first, so usually we opt for a shower instead.

But considering the chilly weather the last few nights, Ayla’s been back in the bath.

And tonight she loved it! Kicking, splashing and pushing herself up from the end, (with no wrap in sight) Ayla was smiling and laughing the whole time. Beautiful 🙂



Monday, 24 June 2013: Twelve Weeks Old.

Winter is so much more fun when you have a gorgeous baby girl to dress up!

Ayla has so many beautiful winter clothes, from corduroy dresses, to frilly leggings, to hooded jackets with ears!

At the rate babies grow, this will be Ayla’s only chance to wear them so we’re making the most of it!



Saturday, 22 June 2013: Eighty-Two Days Old.

First thing tomorrow morning, Ayla’s going on her first aeroplane trip!

Hubby can’t come because of work, so sadly it’ll be just us girls braving the cold for two weeks.

I’m not looking forward to being away from hubby for so long, and I’m worried about him missing out on two whole weeks of Ayla’s development.

Plus, traveling with a baby is HARD!

Not only is there a seemingly infinite amount of clothes, socks, headbands, nappies, wipes and wraps to take, there’s a pile of paraphernalia including toys, linen, playmats and the breast pump!

I’ve heard that the actual act of flying with a baby is pretty simple – feed during take off and landing – but it’s getting to and from the plane with all our gear that’s going to prove most challenging.

Wish us luck!



Friday, 21 June 2013: Eighty-One Days Old.

Today I had an epiphany; growing up isn’t a race. It’s a step by step journey that guides us towards becoming well-rounded adults.

Being a baby is special, being a toddler is special and being a kid is special too. We learn important lessons at every stage of life, and we learn them when we’re ready for them.

People often tell me to enjoy every minute of Ayla being small, but no one’s ever suggested that Ayla should be allowed to enjoy every minute of her babyhood too.

There’s no need to rush her into self-soothing, dummy taking or tummy time, and I’ll admit I might have been getting swept up by the “competition” of parenting.

But now I realise that although I only want the best for Ayla, she already is 🙂


Own Room

Thursday, 20 June 2013: Eighty Days Old.

Ayla’s now spent two nights in her own room, just like a big girl!

Her first night, Tuesday 18 June, was a big deal for Hubby and I… We were both freaking out a little bit but we managed to put our trust in the baby monitor.

This pic is of the video receiver end of the monitor – Ayla lay staring at the little green light on the camera in her room for ages!

Since moving her, Hubby and I have slept MUCH better. Even though I never actually woke to her little grunts throughout the night they must have been enough to disturb me.

And even better, the move hasn’t made the slightest difference to Ayla’s routine; high five for 10 hour sleeps!


House Cat v Dairy Cow

Tuesday, 18 June 2013: Seventy-Eight Days Old.

I’ve always said that if I was reincarnated I’d like to come back as a house cat or a dairy cow.

Now though it appears that house cat is probably the better option.

Ayla’s going through another growth spurt and all she seems to want is food, food, food… its exhausting!

I’d say she’d be drinking about 100ml each feed, and there’s about 8 feeds a day!

That’s nearly a litre of milk every day so I’m chewing through the water like a camel and flopping about the house – ironically – like a fat happy house cat.