On the cusp


Friday, 23 August 2013: One Hundred and Forty Five Days Old.

Three different people, all strangers, told me today that Baby Ayla is teething.

I agree with them of course, and have suspected Ayla was on the cusp of cutting her first teeth for nearly six weeks now.

However I must admit that the signs are becoming more obvious.

On top of the endless drool, Ayla’s now learnt to blow bubbles. So, even during times of reduced drooling Ayla still manages to conjure up enough dribbly bubbles to saturate her bib.

And then there’s the sucking. Ayla sucks toys, clothes, blankets… me, but in the last few days she’s discovered her fingers and now they’re nearly always in her mouth.

But, although the dribbling and sucking are distinct signs of teething, along with an upset stomach, clenching jaw and a faint rash under the chin (all of which Ayla has) according to my research these symptoms can last for months while her teeth move around under the gums.

Despite it all though, Ayla is as happy and content as ever. She’s even back to ten and a half hour sleeps which means her mummy’s happy too!

3 thoughts on “On the cusp

    • Thanks! That’s where I first heard it too, and when we looked into it Ayla means “the halo around the moon.” Because Hubby is a keen fisherman, I’m a closet hippy and Ayla was born on the Eqinox, we couldn’t really name her anything else! 🙂

      • Lovely 🙂 I am jealous! I had planned to name 1 of my children Ayla for many years and had all boys. Many blessing for you and baby Ayla dear!

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