Bright Colours

Monday, 28 April 2013: Four Weeks Old.

Ayla’s beginning to react to bright colours and new sounds.

Yesterday I caught her staring at a Bugs Bunny cartoon on TV and today she was in awe of the colourful squeaky toys we put in front of her.

While I’m still so in love with little tiny baby Ayla, I’m super excited to see her grow… I can hardly wait for her first smile and her first laugh, to see her play with her toys, and to watch her turn toward me when I call her name.

In other news… the midwife visited today and Ayla’s all on track; she’s now 3.58kg and 52cm (she was 2.89kg and 47cm at birth).

Also, I got a good nights sleep last night so I’m feeling much better, but I still only managed a 30 min nap this arvo before mummy-duty called!

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