Mothers Group

Wednesday, 24 April 2013: Twenty-Three Days Old.

Ayla and I had our first Mothers Group today, for mums with bubs aged 0 to 8 weeks.

It was a good experience, but strange in the sense that I found it hard to identify as an actual mother with an actual baby!

I guess we’ve been living in our own little bubble the past three weeks and although people stop us in the street to talk about Ayla, it was completely different to being in a room with 20 other first time mums.

I was just like the movies… We went around the room introducing ourselves and our babies, then shared our experiences from the past week.

Topics ranged from changes in poo colour and new settling techniques, to questions about breast feeding and advice on traveling with little ones.

Although I felt a bit awkward, it was good to hear from other mums and have a place to ask my own neurotic new-mum questions. We’ll go back next week for sure.

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