Gone are the days


Thursday, 9 January 2014: Two Hundred and Eighty Three Days Old.

Gone are the days of having a great-sleeping baby, I’m just so glad I didn’t take them for granted!

Since early December when we had a few late nights and long days due to a family drama, Ayla’s sleeping patterns have slowly deteriorated.

Gone are the nights of seven to ten hour sleeps.

In fact, even if I could count on four hours straight I’d be stoked!

But each night is a lucky dip, and the best prize I’ve picked in weeks was a five hour stint that was rudely interrupted by my now defunct body clock.

I’m hoping it’s just Ayla’s first few teeth cutting through and that in a couple more weeks we’ll be back to normal.

And although it’s been tough I keep reminding myself that it’s just another stage of creating a little person…

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