Head shakes


Wednesday, 15 January 2014: Two Hundred and Ninety Days Old.

We all know Ayla is a happy kid, but recently she’s been getting so happy she can hardly bear it.

Y’know how a kid will smile at someone before having a moment of shyness that causes them to look away?

Well, Ayla has been doing something similar but instead of being shy it’s almost as if Ayla’s afraid she’ll explode with happiness if she doesn’t look away.

It starts off as a grin, usually at Hubby or I after we’ve been away from her for a while, but Ayla’s grin quickly becomes a wide splitting smile.

Then it’s as if Ayla is just so overwhelmingly happy that she can’t possibly keep eye contact with us for a moment more, and instead she turns her head away on an angle just like a sky kid would.

But no sooner has she looked away Ayla peeks back at us, then looks away again, then looks back, and this goes on and on at a crazy speed until Ayla’s head is shaking so hard I worry it’s about to fall off!

Usually the head shakes are accompanied with high pitched squeals and excited kicks before Ayla finally gets a grip, but setting her off again is as easy as saying “hello”.

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