Nothing Else

Friday, 10 May 2013: Thirty-Nine Days Old.

“The motherhood bond” kicked into top gear today.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved Ayla since the minute she was born but today it was like being struck by lightning.

I’ve never felt anything this strong before. I will do anything for this kid; die for her, kill for her and love her unconditionally until there’s no more forever.

I’m not sure what made the lightning strike, but it was definitely a day I’ll remember always….

Firstly we took a walk in the Botanic Gardens, then headed over to the beach where we hung out like a couple of old friends.

But best of all, when we got home I took Ayla in the shower with me for the first time. Might not sound like much but she was so vulnerable and beautiful, it was the most precious experience we’ve shared yet and one I’ll treasure always.

I hope I never forget how she clung to my skin, blissfully quiet and staring up at me, her tongue instinctively licking at the stray drops running down her face.

It’s these little things that matter, nothing else. I love you baby girl xx

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